Tourism in Yucatan with good figures, despite “low season” and Omicron

Tourist activity in the Plaza Grande.

A wide array of different types of accomodations is what have made the state a very attractive development pole for tourism, attracting both national and international tourists.

(MERIDA, YUC. – CANACO).- The president of the National Chamber of Services and Tourism of Mérida (CANACO – SERVYTUR MERIDA), Iván Rodriguez Gasque, said that the current situation of tourism in the state is better than expected.

And it is that January is in itself a month with low levels of arrivals, but even so there is a large amount of tourism in the city, thanks to cultural events, sports and other activities.

“The season itself has an impressive downturn compared to December, but if we are at a time when there is still some tourism, I think that people are making those decisions, and it is a positive thing,” he said.

He assures that the rebound in cases due to Ómicron has affected the tourism industry, but they continue to make great efforts to operate under strict sanitary conditions, taking all measures to protect visitors.

“We can continue to operate, one way or another, and we know the measures that have to be taken, we know them perfectly well, and we will continue operating,” he said.

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