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This is the luxurious life of AMLO’s eldest son in Houston (MCCI)

by Yucatan Times
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José Ramón López Beltrán contradicts the austerity speech of his father, the president of Mexico; He first occupied a million-dollar mansion owned by a top oil company executive who has current contracts with Pemex, and then moved into a newly built residence. In the United States, he moves around Houston in a Mercedes Benz valued at 1.5 million pesos.

By Raul Olmos, Veronnica Ayala and Mario Gutierrrez

(MEXICO CITY – MCCI).- José Ramón López Beltrán, son of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has occupied two residences north of Houston with his partner Carolyn Adams, each with a commercial value of close to one million dollars, according to an investigation by Latinus and Mexicans against Corruption and impunity (MCCI).

José Ramón, 40 years old, worked in his father’s presidential campaign as coordinator of Morena in the State of Mexico, and after the 2018 election he confessed that he did not know what he was going to do in the future. “Time will tell,” he said when visiting the campaign house on July 10 of that year.

Three and a half years after that statement, José Ramón has a lifestyle in Houston that is very different from the austerity that his father preaches: first he lived in a huge mansion in Conroe, Texas, which was owned by a top manager of Baker Hughes, one of the largest oil companies in the world, with which the Mexican government has contracts in force for more than 151 million dollars, and then moved to a newly built residence in the town of Cypress, in Harris County, which is on behalf of his partner, Carolyn Adams.

José Ramón has a Mercedes Benz GLE-Class van for his use in the United States, which was purchased in the name of Carolyn at a luxury vehicle agency in Conroe at a price of 68,675 dollars, equivalent to 1.4 million pesos.

Carolyn Solano shared photos on her social networks showing details of both the first mansion she lived with José Ramón in Conroe and the new residence they built in Cypress, Texas.

Latinus and Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI) confirmed that the couple lived in the first house until 2020 and that the second house has been inhabited since 2021, when its construction was completed.

Since assuming the presidency of Mexico, López Obrador has repeatedly called for a life of austerity. “No to luxury, let what we have be used for the essentials, for the basics,” he declared in May 2020. “If we already have shoes, why else? (…) If you can have a modest vehicle for the transfer, why luxury? ”, He said on that occasion.

house 1b 1 1

(Photo: MCCI)

The mansion of a top oil executive

In photos shared on Instagram, Carolyn Adams showed details of a residence that she and José Ramón lived in Texas from the second half of 2019 and part of 2020. Its location was an enigma until now.

The investigation by Latinus and MCCI made it possible to identify that this residence, built on a 2,500-square-meter plot of land, is located in Oak Estates, the most exclusive and private area of ​​the Jacobs Reserve subdivision, surrounded by the William Goodrich Jones State Forest, between the towns Texans from Conroe and The Woodlands.

The residence is commercially listed for up to one million dollars, which is equivalent to around 20 million pesos, according to information from real estate agencies consulted.

In the descriptions and photographs shared by the agencies, it is detailed that the luxurious house has 447 square meters of construction, has fine finishes in stone and wood; four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, three parking spaces, spacious kitchen and living room, as well as amenities that include a bar, game room and even a movie theater.

However, the central focus of the residence is a 23 meter long outdoor swimming pool, located in its huge backyard, overlooking the forest behind the residence.

The TruePeopleSearch site, which crosses information from different databases, located the residence as the address of Carolyn Adams since September 2019, when the property belonged to Keith L. Schilling, who was a senior executive of Baker Hughes, an oil company that has contracts in force with the López Obrador government for more than 151 million dollars in works for Pemex.

At Baker Hughes, Schilling had served as global sales and commercial director from July 2017 to November 2018, a period in which the multinational obtained two contracts at Pemex, one of which is still valid for up to 66 million dollars. in the current federal government.

Later, Schilling was promoted to one of the presidencies of the oil company, a position he held until December 2019. On August 5 of that year, Pemex officials signed another assignment to Baker Hughes in Villahermosa, Tabasco, this time for up to 85 million dollars, valid until December 2022.

According to property records from Montgomery County, Texas, consulted for this investigation, the residence that José Ramón and Carolyn lived in was until 2020 in the name of Schilling.

house 1c mark 1

(Photos: MCCI)

house 1a mark 2

New house in Houston

In 2021, López Obrador’s eldest son and his partner moved to the town of Cypress, Texas, to a two-story residence, newly built and registered in the name of Carolyn Adams.

The cadastral valuation of the property, for tax collection purposes, is 371 thousand dollars, according to official Harris County documents, the equivalent of 7.6 million pesos.

However, it is common that the cadastral valuation is always lower than the commercial or market value. On specialized sites such as realtor.com, realytrac.com and redfin.com, the estimated value of the property ranges from 628 thousand dollars, which is equivalent to around 13 million pesos, up to 948 thousand 475 dollars, that is, about 19 million pesos.

Official Harris County documents state that the land of the residence has an area of ​​11,838 square feet, equivalent to 1,100 square meters, of which 548 square meters correspond to the built area, with a distribution of 5 rooms.

house 2a mark 2

(Photos: MCCI)

house 2b mark 1
house 2c mark 1

“Time will tell”

The eldest son of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a lawyer by profession, has been involved in partisan positions and activities in Morena, as well as in his father’s presidential campaign, and the only known public position he has held was held fourteen years ago in the Federal District Attorney’s Office.

In July 2018, after López Obrador was elected, AMLO’s eldest son ruled out getting involved in matters of the Administration that his father would head.

“I am not going to work in the government and they are also not going to say other things there that nothing else. In the six years that he is going to be there, I am not going to work in the government,” he said when approached outside the then campaign house, located in Colonia Roma. “I am going to dedicate myself to doing something else, I still don’t know what. Time will tell.”

His partner, Carolyn Adams, is 37 years old, studied at the University of San Diego and has a work history in companies in the oil and energy sector.

Between 2016 and 2018, she shared images of some of the activities she carried out as an executive in the energy sector on her social networks.

Later, on January 31, 2018, he published a video during the rounds of the energy reform, in which he celebrates the announcement of the Shell company as the winner of an oil exploitation zone.

Shell is the company from which the current federal government bought the Deer Park refinery in Houston, Texas, for which Pemex paid around 1.6 billion dollars, according to the Bloomberg agency.

Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI) is a Mexican non -governmental organization dedicated to carrying out journalistic and academic investigations, strategic litigation, analysis and communication against corruption and impunity in its country.

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