The natural Christmas tree envelops in a festive atmosphere and offers a delicious fragrance for our home. (Photo: Sipse)

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, (January 11, 2022) .- So that the Christmas trees that adorned the houses in the past December festivities do not end up in the streets, as well as promoting green spaces in homes, the City Council of Mérida and the Sustainable Development Unit will enable five collection centers from January 12 to 31 to receive the Christmas pine trees. In exchange, you can adopt another tree. 

The collection centers are part of the Tree by Tree campaign, where citizens who come to these places will be able to choose to exchange their Christmas pine trees for another tree, thereby helping to maintain green spaces within the city.

In the west and east sides of the city, these five collection centers will be distributed, where people who take a selfie when they go to leave their Christmas pine trees will be able to receive a tree in exchange, which they can collect any Friday of the year in the municipal nursery or in any of the itinerant venues of the Adopt a Tree program of the Sustainable Development Unit.

Likewise, the private sector decided to join this campaign with solidarity actions to reinforce the care of the adopted trees, being that the Kekén company will donate 500 bags of half a kilo of fertilizer that will be delivered to the citizen when they take their Christmas tree to the centers of stockpiling.

The objective of this campaign called “Tree by Tree” is to reintegrate them into the biological cycle of the soil, as well as to prevent the Christmas pine trees from being thrown on the public highway or burned.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the planting of trees helps to avoid the increase of the thermal sensation. On the other hand, the Christmas trees collected each year by the Municipal Public Services Directorate are almost mostly destined to serve as compost in the green areas of Mérida.

Source: Sipse

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