The price of basic food products in Mérida rose 15% in just one month

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With an increase of between 10 to 15 percent with respect to the month of December, the average cost of the basic food products (the so-called Canasta Básica or “Basic Food Basket”) in Mérida for this beginning of the year is 860 pesos. This calculation considers the products purchased in the supermarket. If the same items are purchased at a local market, the average value is 795 pesos.

According to data from the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), compared to the cost of the basic food basket in Mérida (south-southeast zone) with that of the center, this rises to 992 pesos and in the north-central zone, it reaches 965 pesos.

Profeco analyzes the maximum and minimum prices of 20 essential and high-consumption basic products among Mexicans to calculate the cost and the “Basic Food Basket” defined by Coneval is used as a reference.

The estimate considers that it is sufficient for a family of four and that the products provide adequate nutrition, in a specific period of one week.

Thus, in the case of Mérida, the costs of the products that make up the basic basket are one-liter vegetable oil, 40.97 pesos; rice grain 1 kg, 33.72; 1 kg brown sugar, 25.71; 1 kg beef steak, 189; 1 kg of onion, 34.23; 1 kg of serrano pepper, 56.80; 1 kg of pork chop, 108; 1 kg of beans in grain, 24.83 1 kg of white egg, 31.90; toilet soap (1 pc.), 15.40; 1 kg of tomato Saladete, 27.66; 1 kg of lemon, 26.68; 1 kg of apple, 41.23; 1 kg of Chinese melon, 26.38; a piece of sandwich bread of 680 grams, 43.50; toilet paper 4 rolls, 52.70; soup pasta (piece), 8.60; whole chicken 1 kg, 44.50; 1 kg of corn tortilla, 19 and 1 kg of carrot, 14.35 pesos.

Profeco made a call to review prices when buying and to be “smart consumers” because the people have the right to look for the better price at different businesses.”