The increase of Covid infections in Yucatan is unstoppable.

Every day, Yucatán breaks records for new coronavirus infections.

(MÉRIDA, Yucatán – TYT) – On Saturday, there were 610 new cases and an increase in hospitalizations, as 90 people were reported in total isolation on Friday there were 78. On Friday, January 14, 3 people died from Covid-19, two men and one woman from Merida.

The report from the Ministry of Health detailed that 213 were in Merida, 53 in Progreso, 51 in Kanasin, 40 in Acanceh, 33 in Motul, 29 in Valladolid, 27 in Uman and Izamal, 22 in Tekax, 20 in Conkal, 12 in Tizimín, 8 in Tizimín, and 8 in Tizimín, 12 in Tizimín, 8 in Tinum, 6 in Cenotillo and Hunucmá, 4 in Sucilá and Ticul, 3 in Chankom and Peto, 3 in Akil, Buctzotz, Chumayel, Cuncunul, Cuzamá, Hoctún, Kantunil, Mocochá, Sinanché, Tecoh. , Tekantó, Timucuy and Tixkokob, and 1 in baca, Celestún, Chapab, Chemax, Chichimilá, Dzilam de Bravo, Dzitás, Homún, Kinchil, Mama, Muxupip, Oxkutzcab, Río Lagartos, Sudzal, teabo, Tekal de Venegas, Tepakán, Tzucacab, Uayma and Ucú,

The number of accumulated infections in Yucatan during the pandemic has reached 82,593. Of these, 71,823 (88 percent) are recovered, patients. The accumulated number of infections in Merida on Saturday, January 15, was 49,420. In the north, there are 12,863, another 12,119 in the east, 4,857 in the center, 7,627 in the south, and 11,954 in the west. It was also reported three deaths. Two men and one woman.

All these people resided in Merida and had comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, there are now 6,512 people dead in Yucatan due to the coronavirus.

The Yucatan Times