The Director of Municipal Police in Progreso was discharged for assaulting a woman with a firearm

MÉRIDA, MX.– As previously published in The Yucatan Times on Monday, January 10th, the Director of the Progreso Municipal Police, Commander Emilio Raúl Caamal Gutiérrez, was removed from his position.

And this weekend, the mayor of Progreso, Julián Zacarías Curi, publicly announced that the director of the municipal police of Progreso, Emilio Raúl Caamal Gutiérrez, was removed from his position and the decision was taken after the municipal official was denounced for being in a state of drunkenness and assaulting a woman with a firearm.

According to the report of the same corporation, the municipal official was taken to the police station around 4:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and later the mayor of Progreso announced the decision to dismiss him.

His arrest was due to the fact that he caused a disturbance while intoxicated and threatened a woman with a firearm.

In addition to these facts for which he was arrested, the municipal official has been previously accused of sexual harassment and beatings by the same municipal police officers.

Zacarías Curi decided to remove him from his post.

“I have been clear and I will be forceful, Progreso demands quality public services and no municipal director has the position assured, the changes will continue until optimal results are obtained,” said Zacarías Curi.

He also indicated that this change is part of the strategies to guarantee public safety in the municipality.

Although he did not elaborate on the reasons for this change, the mayor pointed out that he will continue to insist on training the elements, as well as coordinating with the state Public Safety Secretariat with the installation of dozens of video surveillance cameras.

“We cannot remain static or in our comfort zone, which is why I relieved Commander Emilio Caamal of his duties,” he added.

For the moment, he has not made it known who will be the person who will occupy this position, so he said that for now there will be a person in charge of the office.

He also announced that as of this Monday a complete audit of the Public Security and Municipal Transit Department will begin, as well as the administrative process of handing over and reception as required by law.

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