Thanks to the vaccine, hospitals in Yucatán have not gone beyond capacity

All people over 18 years of age may be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Photo: (Sipse)

They highlight the effectiveness of vaccination compared to other waves.

Despite the number of people infected with the Omicron variant of Covid19, the number of hospitalizations and deaths is very low compared to other times of the pandemic.

This difference is due to the fact that the vaccines are giving very good results and have protected the population so that the symptoms suffered by those infected are mild and do not require hospitalization.

Although the Omicron variant is the most contagious, it has not caused high levels of hospitalization or deaths, which keeps medical services operating normally for those who require them.


A comparison of the peaks of infections in previous waves of the pandemic allows us to establish the differences with the current peak of Omicron: in the peak of wave 1, which was recorded in July 2020, infections in a single day amounted to 310, hospitalizations to 590, and 46 deaths were recorded.

In the second wave, with the Delta variant, in July 2021, there were 338 infections, 360 hospitalized patients, and 26 deaths.

But currently, with the Omicron variant, although 1,037 infections were recorded, there are only 178 hospitalized and unfortunately, 7 people dead.

The evidence confirms the positive effect of vaccination in contributing to the reduction of severe cases and the stability in the availability of hospital capacity. That is why everyone who has not received the vaccine is invited to receive it without fear.

It is vital to get the vaccine, authorities say.
The authorities are once again calling on the population to get their booster shots so that they can deal with the disease at home with mild, non-life-threatening symptoms.

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