Suicide number 7 is recorded in Campeche so far this year

(Photo: Campeche Hoy)

Suicide in Campeche, a mental health problem with more presence among men

(CAMPECHE – SSP), January 18, 2022.- Sadly, a man over 30 years of age took his life by way of hanging.

The events occurred on a property located on Calle Primera Privada, intersection with Calle 23 of the Santa Cruz neighborhood in the town of Chiná, Campeche.

Unofficially it was learned that the man was the father of two, and due to family problems he decided to take his own life.

Ministerial agents, Red Cross paramedics, and SEMEFO Forensincs personnel attended the scene to remove the body and transfer it to the amphitheater for its autopsy.

This is how the suicide situation goes so far in Campeche:

  • 2 in the state capital, Campeche
  • 3 in Ciudad del Carmen
  • 1 in the municipality of Seybaplaya
  • 1 in the municipality of Escárcega.

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