Statue of Mexico’s president toppled after only two days.

(ATLACOMULCO Mexico – Times Media Meico) – A statue of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador erected in Atlacomulco, traditionally a PRI stronghold, lasted just two days since it was demolished by someone still unknown. Photographs shared of the apparent vandalism on all sorts of social media bared witness to the situation.

Outgoing Mayor Roberto Tellez had unveiled the statue in the municipality of Atlacomulco in the central State of Mexico, the hometown of Lopez Obrador’s predecessor, Enrique Pena Nieto.

The National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) party Lopez Obrador heads had governed the municipality until recently before it fell back to the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, that has long ruled it.

By law, to start an investigation, the prosecutor’s office needs a complaint he said has so far not been presented. Photographs shared on social media showed the headless statue lying on the ground.

Even though Lopez Obrador’s popularity in Mexico is still high, many people feel very disenchanted with his government. Lack of medications, poor management of the pandemic, rampant violence, new taxes, and a “gasolinazo” (raise at fuel prices) are passing a toll on AMLO’s populist government.

Atlacomulco city council did not respond to requests for information on the incident.

The Yucatan Times

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