Return to face-to-face classes in Yucatan scheduled for Monday, January 17th

Photo: (Yucatan al instante)

Mérida, Yucatán, (January 13, 2022).- Voluntary and safe will be the return to classes this January 17, 2022, in public schools of different educational levels, according to the governor of the state Mauricio Vila Dosal.

The state governor stressed that, when the dates were postponed, a rebound in cases was taken into account due to the new variant, and that is why it was chosen as the date for the return, Monday, January 17th.

“The return to classes continues for January 17 as scheduled, since we decided to postpone the return to classes from January 3 to 17, we contemplated a possible ‘Omicron scenario,” said the governor.

He pointed out that Yucatán is one of the 18 states that will return to the classroom this Monday, and stressed that at that point the teachers will already have their vaccine booster, in addition to being voluntary for the students.

“There are going to be 18 states of the republic that will be returning to classes on Monday, and most importantly, the return to classes is voluntary, whoever wants to take their children to school can do it, and whoever want their children to take only online classes can do so as well, it’s up to the parents, ” he reported.

The minors who do not return to the classrooms will be able to follow their classes virtually, in addition to the fact that the format will be hybrid as before the winter holidays.

“It is a hybrid modality, we continue in the same format, where some students go on Monday, others on Tuesday, others on Wednesday, and others on Thursday,” he concluded.

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