(Photo: Reporteros Hoy)

Luis Alfonso Rodríguez (San Juan, April 15, 1978), artistically known as Luis Fonsi , is a Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter and actor.

(MÉRIDA, YUC. – TYT), January 24, 2022.- “Vacaciones” is the name of the new song by Luis Fonsi , whose video , in collaboration with Manuel Turizo , was filmed in Izamal and uploaded to YouTube, and until this morning had already accumulated more than 26 thousand “me like” with a total of views over 320 thousand.

It was at the beginning of December 2021 when the presence of the Puerto Rican and the Colombian were in the City of 3 Cultures, which caught the attention of all the inhabitants, who approached the public places where the recordings were made.

Luis Fonsi was accessible at all times with the press and with his fans, thanking the human warmth that he and Manuel Turizo and all the production staff received.

El video se filmó a principios de diciembre de 2021.
(Photo: Sipse)

After several weeks of waiting, the video for the song “Vacaciones” was finally released, which is less than 3 minutes long and where you can see all the work done in Izamal and elsewhere, to the rhythm of catchy music and in where you can see attractive models that adorn this artistic work even more.

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