Private Universities of Yucatan denounce sexual trafficking network among students

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The Marista University, Anáhuac Mayab and Autonomous Universities of Yucatán rejected this type of conduct and promised to cooperate with the investigations.

 (MERIDA, YUC. – FGE).-Students from the Marista University, Anáhuac Mayab and Autonomous Universities of Yucatán, who were part of an alleged network of more than 1,200 users on Telegram, to share content of a sexual nature with fellow students, will be criminally denounced by their own institutions and expelled from schools.

Faced with this situation, classified as violence against women, the educational institutions with students involved rejected this type of behavior and condemned this type of action, at the same time that they joined the investigations to identify those responsible and proceed criminally against them.

The Marista University of Mérida committed itself to its students, victims of sexual crimes on the Internet, to follow up, support and accompany them in filing complaints with the corresponding instances and institutions and apply the regulations for those who are responsible


In addition, the universities asked the students to proceed in case of being victims of acts of digital violence or of any kind.

She reiterated her respect for human rights and gender equity , since the university works to build institutional mechanisms to guarantee women in the educational community a safe space in which they can exercise their right to education free of violence.

For its part, the Anahuac Mayab expressed its strong rejection of this type of action and any other that violates human rights and the dignity of people.

He reported that they are already investigating the fact to identify those responsible and, if they are students of that institution, apply the corresponding sanctions, including definitive expulsion.

The institution explained that it collaborates with state authorities to proceed legally, since the State Attorney General’s Office has already opened an investigation and investigations are being carried out through the Cyber ​​Police.

The Counseling Department provided accompaniment and psychological support, as well as the University Rights Ombudsman, which is the body responsible for providing advice and monitoring any complaint or complaint.

The Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) reiterated its categorical rejection of any manifestation of violence against women and spoke out so that the possible criminal acts that would have attacked the privacy of young university students be clarified and, when the time comes, let the full weight of the law come upon those who are responsible.

With the procedure to follow, the UADY endorsed its policy of zero tolerance for this type of behavior, as established in its “Protocol for the prevention, care and punishment of gender violence, discrimination, molestation, sexual harassment and abuse.”

The UADY University expressed its full solidarity with the people affected by these events.

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