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Perfume line with a regional flair

by Yucatan Times
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Scents inspired by the Yucatán peninsula and the typical sweets prepared by the great-grandmother in the port of Progreso are recreated in a perfume line created by the Argüelles Miranda family, who had the initiative to create scents such as “Flores de Oxkutzcab” and “Guayabera vieja”.

MERIDA, YUCATAN | TIMES MEDIA MEXICO (January 35, 2022).- “Dulce de papaya” and “Un café en Santa Lucía” are two other scents that soon, those who so wish, will be able to wear on themselves because the brand “Esporádica” put the perfumes on sale starting, Monday the 24th.

Carlos Argüelles Miranda, who runs the new business in which his whole family is involved, shared that a few months ago, he finished his career in Fashion Design, but the situation complicated the projects he had, so he thought of creating a business that would bring something different.

That’s how he came up with a perfume line inspired by the Yucatán peninsula.

He says that his paternal family is from Progreso and his great-grandfather was a ship keeper in that port, while his great-grandmother sold sweets that she made.

From there the idea of creating perfumes inspired by the sweets of Doña Esperanza Pérez was born, and they went beyond that to include other parts of the Yucatecan geography to try to capture some of the essences of the region.

Carlos indicates that so far there are four scents they have created for the perfumes they will sell:

“Flores de Oxkutzcab” emerged looking for inspiration in the sweets of the great-grandmother, who used some citrus fruits and they thought of that municipality known for the production of those fruits. Then they made a combination with floral aromas, hence the name of the perfume.

“A coffee in Santa Lucia” was born from the family’s liking for coffee and the habit of going to places like the park of Santa Lucia and its surroundings to enjoy them, where there are plenty of coffee shops. The perfume has an aroma reminiscent of cappuccino.

“Dulce de papaya” is one of the typical sweets of the region, such as Manjar Blanco, coconut cremes, coconut-filled lemons, and other sweets of the Yucatecan coast, which exist and are eaten all over the Peninsula. This aroma is inspired by his great-grandmother and combines the essence of the fruit with honey.

“Guayabera Vieja” came about when the family was testing different fragrances and working with the Yucatecan laboratory. Several commented that the aroma reminded them of grandma’s hipiles and grandpa’s guayabera. The main ingredient is tobacco.

Carlos points out that they are on social networks, Instagram and Facebook as “Recuerdos de la península”, the launch of the perfumes has generated interest.

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1 comment

Christine Rodriguez December 27, 2022 - 6:03 pm

I love this perfume ~ Flores de Oxkutzcab. We were visiting Merida in November…family and friends when I discovered the perfume. I bought several for myself and family and friends. I came to work as a nurse volunteer in the pueblos of the Peninsula and that’s where I met my husband if 43 years and his dear family. I love Yucatán. Our son was born in Merida.
I looked for the fragrance on line in hopes that when mine runs out, I could order more but it doesn’t appear to be available as an online purchase. I use my perfume sparingly!


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