Overworked horse collapses in Izamal, who should investigate?

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Congressman admits that there is still a need to regulate the use of animals for work in Yucatán

MÉRIDA.- Harry Rodríguez Botello Fierro, representative of the PVEM, warned that it is up to the Izamal City Hall to investigate the case of the horses in horse-drawn carriages that collapsed during their work in the last few days.

He explained that the municipal authority is responsible for establishing and overseeing that the proper conditions for the operation of such transportation are met.

However, he regretted that there are cases of damage and exploitation of animals, as in the case of buggy horses.

“First of all, I would like to comment that it is very regrettable that this continues to happen, that animals, in this case, horses, are used in strenuous work shifts resulting in fainting or even death”.

“It is necessary to establish stronger regulations on the working conditions and care of horses,”

In the last few days at least two horses collapsed in Izamal during their workdays pulling buggies.

As president of the Environmental Commission, Rodríguez Botello Fierro considered it important to clarify that the issue of animal abuse is not regulated taking into account working animals.

He considered that, although it is a “tradition due to the folklore they represent”, the buggies should be electric, not pulled by horses.

“In addition to mitigating the damage or mistreatment of the animals, this would translate into greater income for the operators, since they could work longer hours,” he said.

The deputy recalled that for the same reason he has always called for making these changes.

“The municipalities should prohibit it (the use of horses for this work) by denying operating permits”.

The follow-up of these cases, depending on the item, code, and law or regulation that is being infringed, should be in charge of the City Council, he specified.

In addition, he added, this authority is in charge of establishing the conditions in which the animals are kept and their surveillance. In the case of the state secretariats, specifically Sustainable Development, and Public Safety, he commented that both are aware of the issues of animal mistreatment typified in the penal code.

“However, as we have already mentioned, working animals are not considered, something that I hope to lobby with my colleagues to make the necessary modifications to the law”.

Regarding the possibility of summoning the head of Sustainable Development to appear before Congress to report on the surveillance of the animal protection laws, he said that it could be done. He reminded that Congress has the power not only to invite but also (by means of a plenary agreement) to summon any state government official to appear before it if deemed necessary

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