National Guard detains passenger at the Mérida airport carrying half a million pesos in cash

(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

Agents of the National Guard questioned the owner of the luggage, but he could not prove the legal origin of money.

(Merida, YUC. – GN) .- On Friday, January 21, National Guard (GN) elements detained a person in possession of more than 400 thousand pesos in cash, without the documentation to prove his legal origin, in the Mérida International Airport.

During random tasks of inspection, safety, surveillance and crime prevention in the revision area called Passenger Inspection Point (PIP) of the air terminal, national guards detected, through an X-ray machine, currencies within luggage hand.

When checking the suitcase in detail they found bills of various denominations in national currency, with an amount of around 400 thousand pesos.

The passenger was read on the scoreboard who attend persons in detention, was enrolled in the National Registry of Detentions and together with the money was made available to the Attorney General of the Republic in the entity where they will continue with the investigations.

The National Guard reinforces its commitment to comply with the tasks entrusted to combat corruption and reduce tax evasion, in strict attachment to the rule of law.


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