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Movimiento Ciudadano accused three of its Campeche representatives of accepting bribes from Morena

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The coordinator of the Movimiento Ciudadano political party in Campeche, Daniel Barreda Pavón, announced that he began the process of expulsion of three of his local representatives, whom he accused of having accepted bribes from AMLO’s political party Morena.

(CAMPECHE – Movimiento Ciudadano MC) The Movimiento Ciudadano political party in the state of Campeche , reported that it will expel 3 local representatives, because they are accused of accepting bribes from Morena .

This was announced by the state coordinator of the Citizen Movement in Campeche, Daniel Barreda Pavón, who indicated that the process of expulsion of the 3 representatives from the local congress had begun.

Who are the 3 deputies that the Citizen Movement will expel?

Through a video, the leader of the Citizen Movement in Campeche indicated that it was possible to verify that 3 local representatives participated in ” economic negotiations “.

In his remarks, the state leader of Movimiento Ciudadano indicated that the legislators “have dedicated themselves to participating in economic negotiations in exchange for favoring Morena with the vote .”

For this reason, he stated that Movimiento Ciudadano initiated the corresponding procedures to expel them, despite guaranteeing that the representatives will have their right to be heard.


Citizen Movement (MC) accused 3 of its representatives of taking bribes from MORENA to elect officials

Regarding the acts of bribery in which the representatives would have incurred, the coordinator of the caucus in the Campeche congress Paul Arce said that these bribes were accepted in different election processes .

In particular,  in the election of the new Superior Auditor of the State and of the heads of the Commission for Transparency and Access to Public Information and the Human Rights Commission of the State of Campeche.

At the end of the sessions, he said, the Movimiento Ciudadano bench left disconcerted because, as “some of our colleagues had not voted for the best profiles.”

And he denounced that later “our suspicions were confirmed: some had had contact with people from Morena and had agreed to vote as such.”

Representatives of the Citizen Movement deny the accusations and demand proof

Given the accusations, the 3 representatives demanded proof from the leaders of the Citizen Movement party in Campeche, to demonstrate that they received bribes from Morena.

The accused legislators demanded that it be shown that they received 300 thousand pesos in exchange for voting for the profiles and threatened to sue their state leader and the coordinator of their caucus.

It should be noted that Movimiento Ciudadano currently has 9 representatives  in the Campeche congress, which is why it ranks as the second political force in that state.

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