Mexican actor Roberto Palazuelos announces he will run for governor of Quintana Roo as the Movimiento Ciudadano candidate

Roberto Palazuelos, a candidate for the governorship of Quintana Roo, said he identified with the Citizen Movement's nation project. (Photo: MC)

Roberto Palazulelos is a Televisa’s Telenovelas Actor Known As “The Black Diamond” and Businessman, and Hotelier in Tulum

(QUINTANA ROO – MC).- After he was not supported by the PRD-PAN political party alliance for the governorship of Quintana Roo, actor Roberto Palazuelos opted for Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) to register as a candidate.

This afternoon at the party’s national headquarters, the secretary general of Agreements, Juan I. Zavala Gutiérrez, formally delivered the record as a pre-candidate for the governorship to the businessman.

During this event, Palazuelos emphasized that it is not only a government project, but a national project in which he feels identified.

“I am committed to the movement and to the project for the state; before being a candidate, I am an environmentalist at heart, I am a protector of flora and fauna and I believe that Quintana Roo will have its first environmentalist governor,” Palazuelos said.

In addition, the hotel owner, among other businesses, assured that he will become the next governor of Quintana Roo, as he said: “there is no way that I will lose this election, I am a person who has never been interested in defeat.”

Two months ago, Palazuelos was shaping up to be the contender for the PRD-PAN alliance; however, the coalition preferred the representative Laura Fernández.

The designation of the legislator, pointed out some PRD supporters, was made to comply with the gender quota.

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