Mérida laboratories saturated, thousands want COVID test

A member of the Salt Lake County Health Department COVID-19 testing staff performs a COVID-19 test outside the Salt Lake County Health Department, Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

The antigen test is the most requested since the announcement of the new variant, Omicron, in Yucatán, in addition to the presence of tourists who attend a check-up before traveling

The activity of chemists and laboratory workers does not stop during the “holidays” or on a Sunday evening. With the confirmed presence of the new Omicron strain, many Merida residents are going to the medical center of their choice for antigen testing.

Several did it to rule out any suspicion and others because of the need to travel.

“We come as a family because we need to check that we are healthy to return to San Antonio,” said Fanny, one of four members of the Almeda Zamora family.

“We have been waiting for about an hour,” he said while waiting to be tested at the Chopo Laboratories.

“As you can see, it is busy, the last few days it has been like this. About 60 people come every day, ”said a chemist from the branch of that laboratory company.

The itinerant modules of the Ministry of Health, for example, serve about 100 people, during their stays in different neighborhoods of Mérida.

“I came to take the test because I intend to travel to the United States to finish the vacation,” said Andrés Ortiz, who was accompanied by his son, with whom he would leave the country in the next few days.

He was almost at the end of the line, but he hadn’t been waiting long, “about 20 minutes. Since we have been here, we have already seen six people enter. So it seems that we will not take that long, “he said.

At the Mérida Clinic, the outlook was similar, even the waiting line grew from one moment to the next, exceeding twenty, after noon. The
chemical personnel indicated that the sessions yielded figures that were close to one hundred people attended.

“Yes, it is rather routine to rule out COVID-19 and not have problems returning to work after the holidays,” said Luis López, who added that it was the second time he had come forward to be tested.

The admission for this was made at the emergency entrance of the clinic. There was the grandmother of the López Torres family, who said that her presence was due to the unfortunate contagion of a minor.

“My daughter and my seven-year-old grandson tested positive. The child’s temperature did not drop and he had already been like this for a day, so it was decided to bring him in for a consultation, “she explained,” My husband and I have tested negative, but we plan to do another one in the next few days to rule it out again. ” .

Most of the people opted for antigen tests because it was the fastest in terms of knowing the result. This is delivered the same day with a waiting margin, depending on the laboratory, of between 30 minutes and a couple of hours.

However, it is not the most accurate, with an efficiency of 93%