Mérida Fest 2022, a responsible celebration that observes specific health protocols

(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

Mérida, Yucatán, (January 12, 2022).- With strict security measures to protect the health of the attendees, the Mérida Fest 2022 continues its programming with face-to-face shows with controlled capacity and digital.

Being the first Mexican festival of the year, Mérida sets the example on the application of its sanitary protocols and giving priority to the local and national artistic community, summoning foreign artists only if they are accompanied by local projects protecting the local economy, without signs of contact and with current PCR tests.

The programming of the Mérida Fest 2022 “The City that Knows” is integrated with events to be enjoyed digitally and in person.

33% of the activities are digital, carried out from the artists’ home to enjoy at the audience’s homes, without physical contact; 44% are programmed to be taken to physical spaces, with capacity-controlled access in accordance with health protocols, in the same way as they were carried out last year, in this way only 23% of our events take place in physical space.

Privileging the health of each and everyone, none of the activities exceeds the attendance of 700 people, who are invited to maintain a healthy distance, go through the entrance filters and occupy the places placed with regulation distances.

The audiences are made up of Meridians and Merida residents, national and international visitors, and biosafety protocols have been maintained at all times, without riots or uncontrolled groups having been registered during the public events held.

The festival, which is celebrating the 480 years of the founding of Mérida, does so in a responsible way, taking small but significant steps in the artistic occupation of public space, considering all the necessary measures to continue taking care of everyone’s health.

A successful example of activities has been the Artistic Caravans that bring moments of joy to homes in neighborhoods and Merida communities, without endangering the health of families, especially the most vulnerable sector.

Merida in its 480 years is a mature and responsible city that wants to sing and live with hope. It is a city that knows and takes care of itself.

The City Council appreciates the good, orderly and disciplined behavior of the citizens and our visitors, who have made use of the events of the Mérida Fest 2022 in a very rational and responsible way, for which they are invited to continue to respect the established protocols for the festival.

The Yucatan Times