Merida and Kanasin, the epicenter of Covid’s resurgence

WHO approves anticovid treatment. Photo: (El Heraldo de México)

Mérida, Yucatán.– The Yucatán Ministry of Health reported that 269 new infections of Coronavirus were registered in 19 Yucatán municipalities at the beginning of the week.

The locations were: 165 in Merida, 48 in Kanasin, 24 in Valladolid, 6 in Ticul, 5 in Motul, 3 in Progreso and Uman, 2 in Tekax and Tixkokob, 1 in Abala, Baca, Chumayel, Conkal, Hunucma, Izamal, Mama, Tahdziú, Tizimín and Tzucacab.

Photo: (Cuartoscuro)

Two deaths of women from Merida were also reported, both with obesity and hypertension, one 76 years old and the other 69 years old, who also suffered from diabetes mellitus.

The accumulated figures indicate 80,199 positive cases, 71,423 patients have recovered and 6,501 have died.

Of the 2,275 active cases, 2,207 have mild symptoms and 68 of the positive cases are in public hospitals and in total isolation.

The Yucatan Times