Maya Train pays off a debt of more than 20 years with the environment

(Photo: Yucatan ahora)

Merida, Yucatan, (January 6, 2022) .- With the removal of 96 cubic meters of old waste identified in the surroundings of the San Bernardo station and which were generated by previous administrations, the Maya Train pays off part of the environmental debt owed by past administration works. These wastes accumulated inappropriately, directly affecting the quality of water resources and the life of the local population.

As part of the actions in environmental matters and permanent investigations of the soil within the Maya Train route, the environmental link of Fonatur Tren Maya in Yucatán, Roberto Vallejo Molina, explained that several points of contamination have been detected, which is why It has proceeded to remove the first point identified and evaluated in accordance with the applicable environmental protection regulations.

“The presence of a black substance with high viscosity was found, which, when trying to be removed, gave off a strong odor, so environmental personnel carried out the inspection in order to determine the extension and delimitation of the surface that affected the groundwater table, the flora and fauna of the locality, especially the quality of life of the people ”.

Vallejo Molina explained that, at the end of the withdrawal, the material is transferred to an authorized site for the management, control and final disposal of the waste found, which will allow advancing adequately and in harmony with the environment in the construction of the Maya Train.

He added that they will continue with the removal of pollutants from the environment for the protection of human health and land provided for development in the other two sites where they have also been found, after being issued the permit for the withdrawal plan in compliance with the existing environmental regulations.

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