Maya Train continues with archaeological salvage work in Balancán, Tabasco

Photo: (Yucatan al minuto)

The exploration of two architectural complexes that could be from the late preclassic period stands out

(MEXICO CITY – INAH), January 18, 2022.- In section 1, in Balancán, Tabasco, activities are carried out for the construction of the Transversal Drainage Work, whose function is to channel the water to safe areas where it does not affect the stability of the work .

In Balancán, Tabasco, archaeological salvage work continues in the hands of experts from the National Institute of Anthropology and History. The exploration of two architectural ensembles with masonry buildings and rounded corners stands out.

Tentatively, based on the material observed, it is considered that both could date to at least the Late Preclassic period.

In section 2, in Dzibalché and Pomuch, Campeche, earthworks are advancing, such as the formation of embankments, an activity that consists of raising a piece of land and creating an adequate space to build on it.

In Santa Cruz, Hecelchakán, Campeche, the conformation of the subgrade continues, this layer goes before starting with the sub-ballast and ballast, a stage prior to the placement of sleepers and the rail.

In Chochoh and Hoctún, Yucatán, in section 3, progress is being made with the construction of railway overpasses.

In section 4, work continues to prepare the ground for the track platform. On the Kantunil-Cancún highway, new work fronts are opened with the lifting of the old highway. There is a progress of 80 km of disassembly.


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