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The governor of Yucatan points out that the formula for success that he applies in his administration is called “teamwork”

MERIDA, Yuc. – YUCATAN STATE GOVERNMENT, (January 17, 2022).- This Sunday the 16th, during his third government report, the governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila, affirmed that by reaching agreements with the federal government, the business sector, the municipalities and all sectors of the state, he has managed in the last year to attract investment with the highest rate of employment and consolidate the state as the safest in the country.

Teamwork to get ahead

Within the framework of his Third Results Report, Vila Dosal referred to the success formula applied by his government: teamwork and reducing inequality and shortcomings in the most vulnerable sectors of the population to promote a more egalitarian.

In the last year, said the governor, he has promoted the image of Yucatan both in the country and abroad, in places as far away as Dubai and the implementation of projects of infrastructure.

With pride, Mauricio Vila Dosal, the young 41-year-old PAN governor, shows the reactivation figures in Yucatan with a GDP growth of 10.9% over 8.5% in the rest of the country and lists the companies that have decided to invest in the entity, which he underlines, is the safest in the country.

He indicated that the federal government knows that it has the full support of the Yucatan government for the construction of the Maya Train and the incentive so that Chichen Itza will now be the most visited archaeological zone in the country, above Teotihuacán.

Police support and incentives

In terms of security, Mauricio Vila indicated that the strategy has been to professionalize the local police, grant them incentives, such as scholarships for their children, among others, for which the Yucatan Police and the State Prosecutor’s Office have the highest degree of confidence in citizens, according to figures from Inegi.

An equitable government

The governor of Yucatan pointed out that the equity agenda between men and women is a key part of his government, for which he has had the support of the state councils.


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