Man dies while exercising in Francisco de Montejo park

SSP agents secured the area. (Photo: Sipse)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (January 3, 2022).- On Sunday, January 3rd, shortly before noon, a man died inside the park on 53-C street with 44 of the Francisco de Montejo subdivision. Apparently, it was all due to a heart attack.

Witnesses told the Police that they observed the man who came to exercises at the aforementioned site, but suddenly they saw him lying on the floor, so they came to see if he was okay, but he did not respond.

They ask for the support of paramedics, and after the 911 call, an ambulance from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) arrived whose occupants evaluated the man and indicated that he no longer had vital signs, so the body was covered and requested the intervention of Semefo.

SSP agents secured the area, where a desperate woman arrived in a car because her husband had not returned home, a few blocks from there, as he left to exercise. Sadly, she identified the body lying there as her husband.

The intervention of Semefo was requested for the necessary procedures, and the assistance of a private doctor to certify the death, which was presumably as a result of a heart attack.

Source: Sipse