Man destroys his luxury car after leaving the Tizimin annual fair

TIZIMÍN, YUCATAN.— A strong accident occurred at approximately 5:30 in the morning of Saturday, January 8th, at the intersection of Calle 50 and 41 in the Centro neighborhood of this city.

The events occurred when the driver of a luxury BMW car did not respect the stop sign and collided with another vehicle.

Due to the impact, both cars were destroyed in their front part and, in the BMW, the passenger who was going as copilot of the luxury car was trapped in her seat, so it was necessary the presence of the SSP firefighters to free her and transfer her to the San Carlos hospital aboard the SSP ambulance.

The BMW was driven by José Leonardo Vela Puerto, 31 years old, residing in Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo, who indicated that he was traveling on 41st Street from Poniente to Oriente and looked a lot at the intersection.

Due to carelessness, the luxurious car collided with the gray Nissan Sentra, license plate YXF-196-C, from the state of Yucatán, which was driven by Faulo Alfonso Canul Sánchez, 42 years old , originally of Mérida.

Due to the strong blow, the Sentra was thrown more than 10 meters from where the impact occurred and the driver was assisted by paramedics from the Red Cross, who took him to the San Carlos hospital because he apparently suffered a clavicle fracture.PUBLICIDAD

In addition to those already mentioned, at least two more women who were traveling in the BMW were taken to the hospital, although with less serious injuries, they even entered the emergency vehicle under their own power.

Agents of the Municipal Police, including the Traffic expert, complied with the corresponding procedures to carry out the demarcation of responsibilities.

The young people who were in the BMW were apparently leaving the Expo Feria de Reyes when the driver of the vehicle did not respect the stop sign and the impact occurred that left several injured.

Source: Por Esto

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