LP Gas company worker dies from accidental electrocution in Downtown Mérida

(Photo: Reporteros Hoy)

After receiving the electric shock, the man fell from the ladder, when he was at a height of approximately five meters (17 feet), to the track, where he was left unconscious.

(MÉRIDA, Yuc. – SSP).- This Friday, January 21st, at 02:07 a.m., the corporation’s Command Control and Monitoring Center received a report of a person receiving an electric shock on Calle 65 between 68 and 70 Downtown Mérida.

Unit 267 arrived at the scene, who confirmed the report, and requested support from paramedics from the corporation, arriving at the scene in the same way the Y-35 ambulance from the Ministry of Public Security to support this person named Carlos B. who was transferred to Hospital T-1 for his medical attention.

According to R.A.P.M., who was in the place at the time of the facts, he and his partner work for a gas company, and while they were carrying out a supply service in the property marked with number #555, the aluminum ladder made contact with the high-voltage power cables, and that moment, Carlos B. received an electric shock, falling from a height of approximately 5 meters.

(Photo: Reporteros Hoy)

The place of the incident was delimited with restrictive tape, as well as the company truck waiting for personnel belonging to the State Attorney General’s Office.

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