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(MERIDA, YUC. – TYT).- This Friday, January 28th, the construction of the Los Héroes Mérida Town Center shopping plaza kicked off in Merida, a project by the company Fondo Inmobiliario Comercial (Foinco).

The Executive Directors of Foinco, Abraham Chetewy, and General of the Sadasi Group, Enrique Vainer Girs, accompanied by state government officials, carried out the initial flag of these works.



(Photo: Sipse)
On his turn, Abraham Chetewy announced that soon, Foinco and Sadasi will start another great development, in the Las Américas subdivision. 

For his part, Vainer Girs recalled that Los Héroes is a housing development planned for more than 19,000 homes, where they plan to build 700 more houses, through an investment of over 600 million pesos.

(Photo: Sipse)

He explained that in the 3 housing developments that Grupo Sadasi has, this year they plan to spend 1,100 million pesos. 

What services will the new plaza have?

Los Héroes Mérida Town Center consists of 30 thousand square meters where the Aurrerá store, commercial premises, banks, laboratories, restaurants and specialized pharmacies will be established.


(Photo: Sipse)

The place seeks to bring services to more than 30 thousand inhabitants of the subdivision and its surroundings, who in the same location, will find basic products and services, avoiding unnecessary and long-distance transportation.

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