Home Feature Justice is called upon for victims of femicide from 2008 to date in Yucatan

Justice is called upon for victims of femicide from 2008 to date in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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MÉRIDA, MX.– In a count made by various feminist collectives from 2008 to date at least the youngest victim of femicide and sexual violence in Yucatán was only five years old, so they ask that each case be prosecuted to give justice to the families of the victims.

According to the study ” Violencia feminicida en Yucatán”, taking into account data from 2008 to date, at least 79 women were victims of feminicide, of which 57 cases occurred after the reform to the penal code which typified this crime in the state.

Of this total, 45.6% of the femicides occurred in Merida and the average age was 31 years old.

The feminist groups that have carried out this investigation found that in this period there were cases in which the women, in addition to being murdered, were victims of sexual violence and their bodies were exposed naked with physical aggressions on their genitals or breasts.

In this regard, they found that the youngest victim of femicide and sexual violence was only five years old.

The patterns identified in the cases show that they usually occur in homes and are committed by partners or ex-partners of adult women through physical violence, using bladed weapons such as knives or machetes.

Other forms of violence during the femicide situation are blows with the fist, with blunt objects such as stones or hitting the women against surfaces such as the floor or walls and by strangulation or other forms of obstruction of the respiratory tract.

The members of the Yucatan Feminicida groups in coordination with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, e.V., and Kóokay, Ciencia Social Alternativa A. C. ask that in 2022 justice be done for the cases of femicide that have already occurred and that there be a stop to gender violence.

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