Via: Diario de Yucatan

Nine arrested in Valladolid, including one minor in relation to the bloodsport

VALLADOLID.- Nine people, including a minor, who was later handed over to his parents, were arrested on a property on 38th street between 43rd and 45th in the center of the city, where an illegal cockfighting event was organized with clandestine beer sales.

According to investigations, cockfights are organized periodically in the same place, recently in one of these events, a fight broke out, where sharp weapons were used, but no one was injured.

Last Sunday, according to what was found out, residents of the area called the police because of the loud noise coming out of the property. The officers first called their attention and asked them to leave.

However, they continued with the party, until the uniformed officers returned accompanied by municipal official Jorge Rivero Aguilar, who confirmed the illegal sale of alcohol on the premises.

The owners of the house and the guests did not allow the police to enter and a fight started. After gaining entry, the officers proceeded to arrest nine people, including a minor.

Most of those arrested were released the day before yesterday; they did not pay a fine, but they were urged to stop organizing cockfights, much less if they do not have a permit to do so or to sell beer. There were also bets between the owners of the animals, which is forbidden by law, so even in that sense, the law was being violated.

The Yucatan Times