Photo By BBC's The Travel Show

With a former medical scare and prolonged isolation due to the Covid pandemic, Kimberly Davis’ mental health was deteriorating – until a friend offered her a holiday to France.

BBC.- Despite being nervous and having panic attacks, UK resident Kimberly Davis went from being in her flat for almost two years to getting on a plane and going to France.

For Kimberly, the journey alone was a huge step forward. However, once there, she was able to face her fears one step at a time by doing things like sitting on the beach, enjoying ice cream, or dining out.

She began noticing that all her senses were completely heightened, and by the end, the experience had changed the way she’s coping with Covid.

“The holiday was really rejuvenating. It was life-changing. It was critical for my mental health,” she said. “I’m starting to slowly reincorporate myself into the life I was missing so much… So, I think this trip has saved me.”


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