“Heladez” is coming back to Yucatan

(Photo: Sipse)

Heladez is coming back to Yucatan starting on Thursday. There will be several days with low temperatures for the entire state

(MÉRIDA, Yucatan – The latest climatological communiqué warns the population of Yucatan to take due precautions due to the arrival of several cold air masses, which will accompany cold fronts 21 and 22 in the coming days of this week and half of the next.

This long-duration cold event will start this Thursday, the 13th of January, and will continue for a week.

Heladez in the early mornings
Minimum temperatures will be between 8 and 15 degrees, and maximum temperatures will be between 22 and 26 degrees, with cool to cold winds from the north and northeast.

Atypical event
Since 2015 and further back, in 2012 and 1999, there has not been an event of long duration of cold for Yucatan in January. Authorities call to take precautions since many people in the entity are not used to long events of the cold environment. At the same time, there are houses made to withstand heat and not cold for a long time, especially in the municipalities. It is wet cold, so the body sensation is 2.5 degrees below what a meteorological instrument marks.

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