Grouper capture season will end earlier due to the entry of a Cold Front

Every month strategies are established for the benefit of the species. Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

Fishermen will no longer be able to go out to sea due to the bad weather that is expected for the next coming days

(PROGRESO, YUC. – CANAINPESCA), January 28, 2022.- Víctor Zacarías Solís, president of the National Chamber of the Fishing and Aquaculture Industry (Canainpesca) of Yucatan, acknowledged that the bad weather that this low presssure system will be generating will make both the larger vessels and the fishing boats, stop their activities before January 31, the date scheduled for the end of the capture of this species, which will enter a two-month closed season, starting on February 1.

«Well, fishing is going to be practically paralyzed and medium-sized boats are going to be returning to port. It is likely that there will be some that anchor at some point and wait for the bad weather to pass, but they would be the least; Perhaps tomorrow, the boats will begin to return to port », he explained.

However, Zacarías Solís stated that the volume of product from grouper fishing would already be within the range of what has been obtained in recent years.

“In recent years, the catch has been maintained above 5 thousand tons and this year, I am almost sure that we will be above 5 thousand. At the beginning of the year, we were rolling the 4 thousand tons », he explained.

He stressed that once the boats return, the fishermen will begin to prepare for the next catching season, while receiving financial support during the grouper’s closed season.

The Yucatan Times