Group of young people fight outside a bar in Mérida (Watch Video)

(Photo: Twitter)

During the early hours of this Sunday the 23rd there was a fight between several people outside Plaza Mangus, north of Merida

(MERIDA, YUC. – TYT).- In the early hours of this Sunday, January 23rd, in the vicinity of the ‘Plaza Mangus’, in Mérida, several young people started a group fight that was recorded by witnesses to the event.

In this Plaza, young people meet every weekend, since it is home to several of the most popular clubs in Mérida, where these situations commonly occur.

You can see in the video two young men starting the fight out of nowhere and how other people join in, while another group tries to keep the women and one of those who started the lawsuit away.

Despite this, the police did not hold anyone for the act, although they did have to intervene to calm the spirits that, otherwise, could end in a worse way.

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