Foreign doctor is found dead inside his home in Gran San Pedro Cholul

(Photo: Sipse)

Mérida, Yucatán, (January 11, 2022).- Lying in his bed and lifeless, the foreign doctor David “N” was found in his house in the Gran San Pedro Cholul subdivision of Mérida.

According to reports, it was a friend of hers who gave the notice to the authorities, managing to discover the body, and reporting to the Forensic Medical Service.

According to the woman, she maintained frequent contact with the doctor, but this Sunday afternoon he stopped answering her cell phone messages and calls.

So, on the morning of Monday, January 10th, she went to visit him at the house where he lived, on Calle 39-E of the aforementioned subdivision, and he did not open the door either, so the frightened woman called the Police, and SSP agents arrived, who managed to enter the property and saw the 39-year-old man lying on his bed.

Paramedics who later arrived confirmed that he was dead, and it was observed that there were no signs of violence, but in any case, Semefo took charge of the body and the necessary investigations were carried out on the site to try to establish whether it was a natural death or someone was involved.

Source: Sipse