Florida police officer shoots dog 6 times while responding to a ‘barking complaint’

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A Florida police officer fired a gun six times at a family’s dog and killed him while responding to a barking complaint, said NBC 6 South Florida.

Home surveillance footage obtained by CBS4 News captures the incident, which took place around 7 pm on January 12 in unincorporated Miami-Dade near Miami Gardens.

In the video, the unidentified officer can be seen standing in the home’s driveway, where he was responding to a call regarding dogs barking, according to CBS4.

Two dogs, a white Maltese and a black American Bully can be seen coming out of the house and approaching the officer.

The officer points his gun at the dogs and can be heard asking the homeowners to “grab the dog” in Spanish.

The dogs run out of the driveway and towards another police officer, and then the black dog starts barking and runs beyond the fence, where the first police officer is now standing.

The officer then fires six shots in quick succession, killing the dog.

The video then shows a man and a woman running out of the house towards the police officer, and the woman begins to scream and cry once she sees the dead dog.

Miami-Dade police told CBS4 News that it is an active and open investigation, and the outlet reported that the dog owners had retained an attorney.

Animal rights activists have criticized the incident, arguing that police officers should be better trained in how to handle animals.

“This incident did not have had to happen if the officer had been properly trained. We must do better to protect our 4-legged family members,” advocacy group Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation said in a statement, reported by CBS4.

“This eight-month-old puppy, Alpha, displayed no aggression and did not deserve to die like this.”

Source: Insider

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