Dispute over land leaves a seriously injured person in Halachó, Yucatan (Watch Video)

A woman asked the tricitax driver who was taking her to stop to prevent the beaten man from ending up dead. (Photo: Sipse)

Violence breaks out in a Halachó community over a land


HALACHO, Yuc. – SSP, (January 17, 2022).- A double lawsuit between several people in the community of Cepeda, Halachó, for the possession of land, got out of control in such a way that at least one of those involved was seriously injured. 

So far it is unknown where exactly the events occurred, the truth is that through social networks various videos have been released about what happened, in which the violence becomes extreme.

One of the fights

At the beginning of one of the videos, a woman is seen beating a man at the doors of a store, where the attacked man enters. At that moment, another man is heard saying: if you break something, you are going to pay for it, get out, get out!

Things seem to calm down, and people leave the store, but then they break in again, enter a terrace and now there are not only blows, but chair blows and they grab whatever object they find at hand to hurt themselves.

Finally, the ones who leave screaming are two men and two women who go to a white car that remained with its doors open.

The other fight

In another, shorter video, two men are seen in the distance beating another, while a woman traveling by tricitaxi implores them to leave him alone and asks the trici to stop and try to intercede.

“Sir, stop, taxi, they are killing him with the stone… they are drawing blood from him!”

The victim, who was badly injured, is Jhonny “N”, 26, a resident of the Santa Ana de Halachó neighborhood. His relatives have already filed a lawsuit against his aggressors.

It is also known that for these events there is already a person detained, Jorge “N”, 22 years old.

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