Director of the Progreso Municipal Police is removed from his position

(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

Progreso, Yucatán, (January 10, 2022) .- As part of the change in strategy in terms of Public Security, and in order to provide more and better service to Progreso citizens, Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi relieved Commander Emilio Raúl Caamal Gutiérrez of the position as Director of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic.

Zacarías thanked the officer for his commitment and performance during his time as head of the corporation.

“It is clear that the paradigm in terms of public security is changing along with the times and the strategy cannot remain immobile, we have invested a lot in terms of vehicle fleet, personnel training, as well as in coordination with the state Public Security Secretariat with the installation of dozens of video surveillance cameras. In that sense, we cannot remain static or in our comfort zone, which is why today I relieved Commander Emilio Caamal from his position. ” said the mayor of Progreso.

“It is clear that Progreso demands quality public services and no municipal director has the position assured, the changes will continue until the optimal results are obtained.” Zacarías Curi pointed out.

Until a substitute is appointed, a dispatch officer will act as head of the police corporation, privileging operational and administrative experience for the profile that such an important municipal instance requires.

On Monday, Jan. 10th, a complete audit of the Directorate of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic begins, as well as the administrative process of Delivery – Reception that the laws indicate.

The Progreso City Council reiterates that the only priority is the safety and quality of life of the citizens of the Port and its communities, a commitment assumed since day one of the current administration.