Digital sexual violence against students of a private university in Yucatan

(Photo: Sipse)

Student groups speak out around a chat that would have arisen between Unimayab students. Anahuac Mayab University will investigate sexual content chat

(MÉRIDA, Yuc. – UAM).- A new scandal of digital violence against women has been released this Tuesday, January 18th on various social networks, where the Sororidad Anáhuac collective denounced the existence of a chat on Telegram called “Zorritas de la UAM” in which they share photos and videos of young women without their consent.

In said complaint made through social networks, it is pointed out that among the members of the group there are also students from the Marist University and Autonomous Universities of Yucatan.

It transpired that 3,264 photos and 421 videos have been shared in said group, which include the identity of female students, personal data and intimate content.

Various feminist and student groups have already spoken out on this matter and shared statements on networks such as UADY sin Harassment, where they asked that this fact be thoroughly investigated among the students of the Anahuac Mayab University.

Anahuac University will investigate Telegram chat 

This same Tuesday, Anahuac shared a position on its networks in which it categorically rejects this type of action and warned that the people involved will be investigated until the ultimate consequences are reached, such as the definitive expulsion of those responsible.


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