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Delfina Gomez secretary under investigation for triangulating 10.8 million pesos, today she coordinates 4T social programs

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Among the triangulated supports, 200 thousand pesos deposited in a Morena account in 2015 stand out.

(MEXICO – TEPJF) January 19, 2022.- María Victoria Anaya Campos, current regional director of the Welfare Programs in Texcoco, Mexico, is implicated in the “irregular fees” that were charged to the workers of the Texcoco city hall, during the time that Delfina Gómez was municipal president, to finance the AMLO´s political campaign as the presidential candidate of MORENA.

Anaya Campos, whi is a current official of AMLO’s  4T (Fourth Transformation), received 10.8 million pesos in 50 checks as a result of the aforementinened salary withholdings to workers of the Texcoco city hall.

The Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) confirmed in the SUP-RAP-403-2021 trial that, from 2013 to 2015, an average of 10 percent of the salary of municipal workers was deducted to finance the Group of Political Action, an organization headed by the current director of Customs, Horacio Duarte, with the aim of helping to form the Morena party.

Anaya Campos, who was Delfina Gómez’s private secretary during her tenure at Texcoco, according to her statement before the Ministry of Public Administration, appeared as the main intermediary of the resources withheld from the workers, since according to what was analyzed by the authority of the INE, participated together with Sara Iveth Rosas, another municipal official, in the collection of 12.8 million pesos.

From this amount, it was proven that 2,264,612 pesos went to benefit the activities of Morena, according to the investigations of the electoral authorities.

For example, the ruling of the Electoral Tribunal reports that, in May 2015, Anaya Campos “issued check 101, for an amount of $200,000 (two hundred thousand pesos 00/100 MN), paid into a bank account owned by the political party Morena”.

The deposit could not be made with the money of the now official of the Welfare Secretariat, since the INE’s Technical Control Unit “asserted that María Victoria did not have the financial solvency in her personal bank accounts to face a contribution from that magnitude to the political entity, especially since the check was issued from the same bank account where it received the resources from the Texcoco City Council”.

This deposit to the account of the National Executive Committee of Morena, via check, was detected in the review of the annual report of income and expenses of the party, corresponding to the 2015 financial year, as coming from an “unidentified entity.”

However, the Court explains, the inquiries revealed that the money came from the Anaya Campos account in which the resources withheld from the workers of the Texcoco city council were deposited.

The sentence indicates that this operation showed that Delfina Gómez’s former collaborator lied when she stated that the salary discounts were for “altruistic and social work issues.”

What else was paid with those “irregular fees”?

According to the TEPJF, there were payments to people registered as suppliers of Morena, an advance for material for people with disabilities, the rental of buses for an event held in Valle de Chalco, Edomex, and a deposit to Marcos Ramos Pineda, who was president of the Municipal Executive Committee of Texcoco, all without being able to prove the reason for the transfers.

To one of the suppliers, Luis David Miranda Gómez, María Victoria gave four checks for the amount of one million pesos for printing services and in payment for a loan. However, no supporting documentation was presented to accredit this expense.

Regarding the printing service, he presented an illegible account statement, “which prevented verifying its existence on the page of the Tax Administration Service.”

To the other supplier, José Víctor Magaña Gómez, Delfina issued four checks for the amount of 329,824 pesos each. He also did not present “tax receipt for not having been requested by the client.”

The Comercializadora de Oriente MAVI-HE, SA de CV was given a check for  725,594 pesos as “advance payment derived from a quote requested by María Victoria Anaya Campos regarding the purchase of articles for people with disabilities”.

“However, since the purchase was not made, the resource obtained remained as an advance for the future purchase,” reads the TEPJF document.

Regarding the use of the buses, MORENA deposited a check for 130 thousand pesos, because people were transferred in the Municipality of Valle de Chalco, State of Mexico, on April 6, 2014 to a Morena event in that same municipality. 

Finally, the now official of the Welfare Secretariat issued a check for 20 thousand pesos to Marcos Ramos Pineda from MORENA on October 14, 2014, in the context in which the National Regeneration Movement obtained its registration as a national political party.

For this case of the “Irregular fees”, the INE decided to fine Morena with 4.5 million pesos, in addition to giving the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) a view to carry out the corresponding investigations.

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