CULTUR seeks that the Yucatan Siglo XXI be recognized as a 100% Smoke-Free Space


Among the innovative measures, to obtain the recognition of the SSY, is that the existence of a “smoking area” is no longer allowed, regardless of whether it is an open space.

(MERIDA, YUC. – CULTUR), January 28, 2022.- In compliance with Decree 168/2020 that gave life to the Law of Prevention and Comprehensive Care of Addictions of Yucatan, Cultur will initiate a new process to obtain the recognition of “Space 100% Free of tobacco smoke” for the Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Center, which is granted by the state Health Secretariat, informed the general director of the first dependency, Mauricio Díaz Montalvo.

It should be noted that, although since the beginning of this administration there have been signs indicating that this measure is already applied in the building, in reality it does not have the endorsement of the health authority, so now it is sought to make it official.

All this is done with the intention of taking more drastic measures against the consumption of cigarettes with or without nicotine, and includes vaporizers that are also polluting, given the high incidence of diseases caused, including lung cancer and makes most vulnerable to people against Covid-19.

Cultur busca que el Siglo XXI sea reconocido como Espacio 100% Libre de Humo  de Tabaco – Yucatan Ahora
(Photo: Yucatan ahora)

“Now people have to go out to the street, on the escarpments if necessary, so that the objective of making the space 100% free of tobacco smoke is met,” explained the Psic. Shanny Cámara Canto, one of those responsible for the program in Yucatán.

She stressed that other measures are: that no tobacco products or vaporizers be sold inside the building, that there are no cigarette butts -not even in the corridors or parking lots-.

We understand the freedom that people have to smoke, but this is done as a protection measure for non-smokers and it is a way of guaranteeing their right to health.

Cultur busca que el Siglo XXI sea reconocido como Espacio 100% Libre de Humo  de Tabaco – Yucatan Ahora
(Photo: Yucatan ahora)

As part of the process, informative posters will be placed at strategic points in the building warning: “Anyone who fails to comply with the ban on smoking in spaces that are 100% smoke-free will be sanctioned.” And several complaint telephone numbers are set up, including 089.

Diaz Montalvo stressed that any action in favor of health, in the midst of a pandemic, is of greater relevance to protect both the staff and the people who go to public spaces.

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