Covid-19 infections multiplied in the last week of 2021

(MERIDA Yucatan – TYT) – In the last week, Covid cases in Yucatan jumped in number of infections, although deaths and hospitalizations so far remain low. On Friday, December 24, the State Health Ministry reported 18 infections, one death, and 23 patients in public hospitals.

The SSY reported 176 new infections, one death, and 34 hospital admissions within one week. Of the total new infections yesterday, 150 were in Merida, and the rest in the other 105 municipalities.

The Ministry of Health does not mention it. Still, the accelerated increase of infections in Yucatan occurred in the last week of the recently concluded year. Moreover, it coincides with the increase in citizen mobility attributable to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, which on this occasion were mainly family and neighborhood gatherings.

COVID in Merida
Specifically, in Merida, 47,773 people have been diagnosed with Coronavirus (accumulated cases as of December 31), living in:
12,338 in the north
11,782 in the east
4,676 in the Centro
7,373 in the south
11,604 in the west

The Yucatan Times