Coronavirus outbreaks confirmed in Campeche private schools

(Photo: Por esto)

Parents worried about the health of their children at public schools

(CAMPECHE, CAMP. – TYT) Teachers and administrative staff from two private schools in the state of Campeche have confirmed that there are at least 4 infections between teachers and students, who have already been sent home to isolate themselves for a while, this has on alert to parents who ask that face-to-face classes be suspended again.

However, the Secretary of Education, Raúl Pozos Lanz, reiterated that the contagions are minor and that these do not endanger the educational sector, he also stated that classes will not stop as long as the Epidemiological Traffic Light in Campeche remains green, on the other hand this has families concerned who expressed that if they could not control the virus in private schools, they will be less able to do so in public schools where there are more students.

It should be noted that, although sanitary measures have been reinforced in educational establishments, these will not be sufficient, since not even vaccination could protect teachers since minors were already affected by the virus, however, so far it is unknown why health and educational authorities continue in the same position because they are not ensuring the safety and health of teachers and students.

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