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Chichen Itza tourist guides report proficiency in languages they do not speak

by Yucatan Times
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Complex cycle of corruption

VALLADOLID, YUCATAN | SIPSE.- Last week the corruption that prevails in the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá was uncovered when an influencer revealed that the tour guides are not prepared to provide the service and swindle visitors by telling them stories that are not true.

An investigation of the matter was then carried out, so that some professional tour guides confirmed the complaint and gave details of the corruption that prevails in the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá, where, according to them, authorities from Sefotur and Sectur are involved, including tourism operating companies, and they considered it a mafia and organized crime.

The state government has tried to wash its hands of the matter, arguing that it is the responsibility of Sectur to carry out the corresponding investigations, since the state, according to what it said, has nothing to do with it, however, some people have said otherwise.

It is now known that Porfirio Sobrino Navarrete, has been in charge of the Department of Regulations since the last administration headed by the PRI member Rolando Zapata Bello, and now with the government of Mauricio Vila Dosal and with Michell Fridman at the head of Sefortur. Guides of Chichén Itzá say it is convenient for them because he is the bridge with Sectur and is in charge of everything related to the issuing of licenses to the tourist guides.

According to information provided by professional guides, the corruption works as follows: first, those interested in becoming tourist guides register with the Institute, owned by Daniel Quijano Ecegueda, who charges them up to $100,000, then Quijano sends the documents to Sefotur, which verifies that everything is in order.

Sefotur is the filter, which is in charge of gathering the interested party’s documents, including whether they speak English, French or Italian since the credential states the language spoken by the guide in addition to Spanish, and then sends them to Mexico City, where they only analyze the documents and issue the credential and then send them to the State.

This is how the circle of those involved closes, and it is even known that 80 new guides are about to receive their credentials, but they will have to look for employment elsewhere because Chichén Itzá is saturated.

In the same way, the professional guides expose the presence of more than 1,000 fake guides who obtained their accreditation in the same way.

It is stated that the evaluation of the guides in the Chichén Itzá area is very simple and should be carried out by Sectur officials. The guides are approached at random, and if their credentials state that they speak English, they are asked to explain the history of Chichén in that language; if they do not, their accreditation is immediately withdrawn.

A large number of guides do not speak the language they claim to be accredited in. It is said that 80% of those accredited do not speak the language indicated on their credentials, so it is all a lie. They say it is obvious that if the state government does not want to get involved in the matter, it is because they do not want to get involved in such a case of corruption.

They commented that up to now no state or federal authority has come to the area to investigate the problem so that everything continues without news, there are only comments among the guides about what is happening.

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