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‘Birria Tacos’, the most “Googled” food in the world during 2021

by Yucatan Times
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The amazing and unique birria tacos are the Mexican delicacy that everyone is searching for on Google.  

MEXICO, (January 14, 2021).- On several occasions, it has been said that in Jalisco, specifically in the town of Cocula, the Birria was born.  Of course, it was the result of experimentation, it probably took several attempts, but the result is almost perfection.

Like many other aspects of Latin American culture, “La Birria” was the result of cultural exchange between the indigenous and Spanish cultures in the 16th century, who finally created this delicious dish.

Due to the introduction of new ingredients and animals, the dishes began to be reinvented. And while it is true that a large part of the newly introduced animals was well accepted by those who lived in Mexico at that time, there were others that were a real nuisance for the settlers.

This is the case of the goats, which arrived at a time when the indigenous population was experiencing difficult times due to disease and slavery. While these calamities were hitting hard on the indigenous population, the goats began to reproduce rapidly and destroy the crops and seedbeds; something that the Mexican settlers could not afford at that time.

To avoid hunger, the locals began to use the meat of these goats as food and this gave rise to the first stew with pieces of the now known as shredded meat. To avoid the strong odors that were given off during its preparation, they chose to cook it under the ground and to use scented herbs.

Today, Birria can be made with goat, lamb, pork, veal, beef, chicken, or even fish.

In addition, to comply with the custom, in several towns it is still prepared in an underground oven, which consists of making a hole, at the bottom of which previously heated stones are placed. On top of these stones, the pot or clay bowl is placed, which should be covered with maguey leaves, the goat meat, and the especially marinade chili sauce are placed on top, and then covered with more maguey stalk.

In a matter of hours, diners will be able to enjoy this delicious dish with fresh-made tortillas, and a good hot and spicy salsa de chile. Not to mention the broth, which is totally invigorating.

In 2021, like every year, Google published a list where it reveals what the most relevant searches have been during the year , and this time gastronomy shone among the most significant queries.

That’s right, Google indicated that this year 2021 Tacos de Birria are number one in the search list. With just over 4 million searches, Birria tacos from the state of Jalisco top the number 1 spot of the most popular meals of 2021.

The success of this dish, in addition to its delicious flavor, is what caught the attention of different influencers and gastronomic personalities who spread through social networks the magnificence of this Mexican dish that was sought after as “birria tacos” around the world.

 (Photo: Guerrero Tortillas)

The largest search company publishes the trends in its search engine and even the term in English “Birria tacos”, topped the list of the most searched for in the food category worldwide.

The “Birria taco” appears in the search engine higher than many news items, actors, movies, people, songs, television shows, etc. 

Among other foods that made international stomachs growl, Google recorded that “BTS food” was being tracked a lot in May, referring to the McDonald’s menu created in collaboration with the group BTS. In September, the South Korean series The Squid Game sparked interest in “green light red light” and “Korean cookie” to an all-time high.

Source: MX City

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