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Bachelor party: An Introductory Guide

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Saying goodbye to freedom can take on many different shapes. And it seems to be dependent on the maid of honor and the best man or the closest friends how this event is organized.

Those events are not the same everywhere. Of course, all participants can inspire themselves according to some examples and put together a suitable program for the bride and groom-to-be, but each bachelor and bachelorette party will be original. This party is an important part of wedding planning and the goal is to enjoy it together. This is an experience that everyone will remember forever. Each party is specific and each can last differently. A stag-do and hen-do can still be enjoyed well even without going out to clubs and partying hard. On the other hand, the bachelor party will most likely be wilder and more action-packed but this is, of course, a must. The groom’s parties are worth it.

How to prepare the right bachelor/bachelorette party

  • You need to make a list of people with whom the engaged couple will want to spend this time. Stag-dos and hen-dos are no secrets, and details of basic planning can be talked about openly. But, indeed, some secrets must not be revealed, so the bride or groom may still expect a surprise.
  • Planning a date is again very important because it is necessary to agree whether the bachelor or bachelorette party will last a night or even several days. Of course, this must be planned and announced in advance because each invitee must book or arrange the time off in some way.
  • It is good to talk directly about the price range and agree on how the expenses will be divided between attendees. There are no written rules, but normally, a bride-to-be and a groom-to-be are excluded from chipping in. In most cases, everyone will contribute in this evening, especially if the stag-do and hen-do are planned through an organization that arranges a party for the groom or chooses the best destination for a bachelorette party.
  • Certainly, a bachelorette party favor is suitable, but this must be arranged by the guests.
  • Gentlemen will not be interested in the theme much, but it can be expected that they will try to go wild and enjoy this time to the fullest. The bachelorette party may look different and may have a theme according to which participants may dress in the same way but the bride should be distinguished from the rest. For example, get her a bride-to-be sash.

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