Authorities rescue 19 dogs and 10 mistreated birds in Coacalco, State of Mexico

(Photo: FGJEM)

19 dogs, six chickens, four ducks, as well as the remains of four dogs and two machetes were found inside the building located on Parque Residencial Coacalco Avenue, a 43-year-old man identified as Santos “N” was arrested.

(MEXICO STATE – FGJEM), January 20, 2022.- Authorities from the State of Mexico found 19 dogs, as well as 10 birds that were in a state of malnutrition and in unsanitary conditions in the municipality of Coacalco, State of Mexico.

The elements of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) searched a property located on Parque Residencial Coacalco avenue after a citizen complaint filed with the Attorney General’s Office for the Protection of the Environment of the State of Mexico (Propaem), for the possible mistreatment of various canines inside.

As part of this investigation, the Social Representative asked a judge to issue a search warrant for said property, where 19 canines, six chickens, four ducks, as well as the remains of four canines and two machetes were found.

A subject identified as Santos “N”, 43 years old, was arrested at the site and was transferred and presented before the Public Ministry Agent to determine his legal situation.

While the animals found alive inside the site were secured by elements of Propaem, to be transferred to the Animal Care and Welfare Center.

The property was secured and seals were placed on the access doors.





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