Anti-vaxxers – Insurance companies in Mexico will only accept claims from vaccinated individuals.

SURA insurance said it is also valid to have a vaccination schedule from another country, as long as there is officially valid proof.

(CDMX – EF) – Sura insurance company informed its clients that as of January 10, they will only attend to the claim of medical expenses and life insurance policy, those people of legal age who have at least one dose of the vaccine against COVID.

The company pointed out that it is essential to comply with the complete vaccination schedule to avoid the severe effects caused by this disease, which is the most expensive that the Mexican insurance sector has had to pay.

“We inform you that for all our solutions in the Medical Expenses and Life insurance lines, both individual and group, any claim in which the insured does not have at least one dose of the corresponding vaccination, under the National Vaccination Plan issued by the Ministry of Health of the Federal Government, will be considered an Essential Aggravation of the Risk,” the company said in a release.

They added that it is also valid to apply a vaccination scheme in another country, as long as there is officially valid proof.

“In this way, in the case of insured persons of legal age who do not have at least one dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, the claim associated with the disease will not be applicable,” they noted.

Sura emphasized that this announcement follows the provisions of the Insurance Contract Law, articles 52, 57, and other applicable provisions of said law.

Gerardo de la Garza, a member of the Mexican Association of Insurance and Surety Agents (Amasfac), commented that this type of measure is to control medical inflation and improve the technical results of the companies.

“Today, it is a proven fact that if people do not have their vaccines, the medical expense will probably go much higher compared to those who do have vaccines. Insurers have decided to take it as an aggravation of risk because, as a client, they consciously take an action that makes them prone to suffer disease more seriously,” he explained in an interview with El FInanciero news.

A few days ago, AXA Insurance Mexico emphasized the importance of having the vaccine against COVID. Héctor Sobrino, the insurer’s director of health claims, said through a video that they have identified that, among their portfolio, people who are vaccinated “are less likely to die,” than those who do not have at least one dose.

The Yucatan Times