AMLO did not say one word about the luxurious lifestyle of his son during the “Mañanera”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) who always addresses all issues and talks about everyone, kept quiet about the luxurious lifestyle of his eldest son José Ramón López Beltrán in Houston, Texas during his mañanera today.

(MMCI).- On Friday, January 28th, the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola in his space Latinus and the organization “Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity” (MCCI) exhibited the luxurious life that AMLO’s eldest son leads in Houston, Texas, where he has enjoyed living in two mansions and a Mercedes Benz truck.

The President of Mexico preferred this Friday to continue attacking the INE, by exhibiting a photo of Lorenzo Córdova, president of the institute, after he attended a forum of PAN deputies in which he asked to defend the autonomy of the institute and its budget.

This Friday, Loret de Mola questioned President López Obrador: “With what moral authority does the president teach austerity classes when his son lives in luxury abroad?”

And it is that the eldest son of the President of Mexico, José Ramón López Beltrán, has enjoyed two mansions with a swimming pool and a Mercedes Benz truck despite the fact that the Obradorist government proclaims austerity.

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