(Photo: Yucatan.com.mx)

Canadians residing on the coastal strip of Chicxulub near the former Cocoteros Club and other places in the port expressed their concern that they could be victims of these crimes.

(PROGRESO, YUC. – SSP).— A robbery committed this Wednesday, January 26th, in a property in the summer area of ​​the Chicxulub community, where electrical appliances were stolen, worries the foreign community that spends their vacations in that port.

Residents of Chicxulub indicated that the robbery was committed on a property with a view of the sea, located on Calle 19 between 28 and 30, where the friends of other people would have entered and appropriated various items.

After the report of the incident, agents from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) attended several patrols to carry out the investigations, but according to the residents of Chicxulub there were no arrests and they fear that the thieves could commit other robberies in the summer zone. 

Several Canadians who attende on January 27th at the restaurant area of ​​Calle 80 between 21 and 23 of this city, where they meet every day, stated that more police surveillance is necessary, that the presence of the uniformed officers be constant, in order to provide them with security.

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