Aeroméxico cancels Mérida-Mexico City flight 824 due to lack of passengers

CDMX airport (Photo: No hay Bronca blog)

The outbreak of COVID-19 among the crew and the cancellations of Aeroméxico have caused passengers to decide to travel by other airlines

(MERIDA, YUC. – AEROMEXICO), January 25, 2022.- Once again, Aeroméxico canceled flight 824 due to lack of crew at the Mérida airport and the affected passengers were transferred to afternoon flights that arrive between 2 and 6 p.m.

The announcement of the cancellation was made known until 09:00, that is, an hour and a half before his arrival at the air terminal in this capital city.

As is customary, passengers, both from the country’s capital and those from Mérida who intended to travel to the metropolis, began to receive messages on their cell phones starting at six in the morning so that they arrive in time and form to the airport.

Consequently, this Monday the 24th, only three flights operated, two departing from Mérida 821 and 823 at 06:00 and 07:12, respectively, and 820, which arrived at 08:00 and returned an hour later.

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